How We Compare Facility


Why Partner with CLEAN AS NEW®?

Increasingly, the refining and petrochemical industries are faced with demand from investors, shareholders, regulatory bodies and John Q. Public to improve their ESG performance.

By replacing your wash pad with a CLEAN AS NEW® cleaning facility, you can restore operation to design capacity, reduce your cleaning costs, lower your carbon footprint all while improving your bottom line.

Why not do an Apple-to-Apple comparison?

Wash Pad Hydroblasting VS. Clean As New Powered By Tech Sonic®.


Dedicated Cleaning Facility - Just outside your fence line

Capital Cost - No! You only pay for the cleaning

Design Concept - Ready for review in 7 days (from receipt of client information)

Design Detailed - Ready to submit for permit in 30 days (from execution of contract)

Construction Duration - Ready for use in 6 months (from notice to proceed)

Cleaning Costs

Heat Exchangers - Fixed price based on exchanger size & type

Parts – Fixed price - Based on basket size


CLEANER - We clean to ›95% of Clean Duty, and If we can’t clean it, you DON’T pay

FASTER - We clean twice as fast as hydroblasting on your own wash pad

SAFER - We ensure 100% of the hydroblasting risk is eliminated

GREENER - We recycle ›95% of our water


Reduced Cleaning Costs - ½ the cost compared to the total cost of cleaning on your own wash pad

Shorter Outages - Scheduled certainty c/w historical cleaning data

Improved Operating Efficiency

  • Significant energy reduction - Heat exchangers, rotating and process equipment operate like new
  • Provides option to replace heat exchangers with more efficient ones
  • Provides option for less expensive process design
  • Improve production
  • Provides optional increased run-lengths (longer intervals between outages)

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Significant reduction in GHG’s with improved efficiency

Better Environmental Performance - Significantly improves your ESG Scores