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CLEAN AS NEW® Featured On CNBC's Advancements TV Series

Originally broadcast on CNBC's Advancements TV series on March 27, 2021, This segment explores how CLEAN AS NEW®'s technology is helping the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry meet ESG commitments by reducing GHG, saving water, and improving safety - all while reducing operational and maintenance costs, improving production, and increasing profits.



Learn more about the origins of CLEAN AS NEW®

on the Oil & Gas Startups Podcast from Digital Wildcatters

Darrell Stang, CEO of CLEAN AS NEW® stops by the Oil & Gas Startups podcast to talk with Colin and Jake about the origins of CLEAN AS NEW®.



CLEAN AS NEW® Featured On Manufacturing Marvels®

Originally broadcast on Fox Business News September 1, 2020, Manufacturing Marvels® features CLEAN AS NEW®’s revolutionary cleaning approach for heat exchangers and many other parts in the refinery and petrochemical industries.