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A new, state-of-the art facility, powered by Tech Sonic's game changing cleaning technology, offering offsite services to the Gulf Coast.
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What Our Clients Are Saying about tech sonic's changing cleaning technology

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Tech Sonic cleans heat exchangers twice as fast at half the cost.

Cleaning 4 Compabloc exchangers using Tech Sonic resulted in yearly recovery of $4.27M USD.

Shell Scotford now sends all heat exchangers to Tech Sonic for cleaning.

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For every dollar we spend on Tech Sonic Cleaning we see 4 dollars in operational cost savings and our capital costs have reduced dramatically.

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CF Industries

We saw a 27% increase in ammonia production as a result of cleaning our process heat exchanger with Tech Sonic.

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We found that cleaning a single butadiene process heat exchanger using Tech Sonic resulted in overall savings of over $1.5M USD per year. We have now purchased a second Tech Sonic system for use at another plant.

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Our flow rates improved from 160 to 260 meters cubed per hour after using Tech Sonic’s innovative cleaning technology. Truly amazing.

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The heat exchanger we cleaned using Tech Sonic is performing very well. Overall heat transfer efficiency has improved by 50%.

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