How We Compare Cleaning Cost


Still think Ultrasonic Cleaning is Expensive?

Think again! CLEAN AS NEW® is less expensive than Wash Pad Hydroblasting.

Why else our clients would publish that we are“Twice as Fast at Half the Cost”?

It’s simple - they compared an Apple to an Apple!

Wash Pad Hydroblasting VS. Clean As New® Powered By Tech Sonic.

26 Days   100 Exchangers TAR Proposal 13 Days
Wash Pad Cost/ Day Item Description CLEAN AS NEW®
    Ultrasonic Equipment Included
$265,460 $10,250 Bundle Blaster’s & Pumps (2) Included
$484,380 $18,630 IBC’s & Pumps (3) Included
$119,600 $4,600 Mini-Arm, Wands & Pumps (3) Included
$115,736 $4,451 Consumable (Tips, PPE, etc.) Included
$447,824 $17,224 Hydroblasting Operators (19) Included
$57,728 $2,220 Hydroblasting Supervisors & PM’s (2) Included
$31,500 $1,211 Hydroblasting Safety (1) Included

Hydroblasting Estimate

$105,248 $4,048 Plant Personnel (4) Included
$162,448 $6,248 Riggers (8) Included
$353,600 $13,600 Crane (1) Included
$133,286 $5,126 Water Supply Included
$399,859 $15,379 Wastewater Treatment Included
$182,000 $4,800 Solid Waste Disposal Included
$200,200 $7,700 Vac Trucks (7) Included
$162,500 $6,250 Power & Fuel Included
$39,000 $1,500 Misc. Costs Included
Total Cost     Faster, Better Cleaning

The perception in the industry is that we are more expensive than conventional hydroblasting, even though Shell and Braskem have each published that Tech Sonic’s ultrasonic cleaning systems clean “twice as fast at half the cost.”

Why did both Shell and Braskem say that, especially when the cost of our technology and our hourly rates are more expensive than conventional hydroblasting?

Using ultrasound to clean heat exchangers only requires hydroblasting for pre-and post-rinsing. This cuts the cleaning duration down dramatically, and you only require one-third of the personnel and equipment to do the work.

And we’ve just taken things a step further with the launch of our robotic tube and shell-side hydroblasting equipment. It’s hard to rinse faster or better than a robot.

The combination of ultrasonic cleaning and robotic hydroblasting for rinsing reduces the need for conventional hydroblasting by 75%, which in turn reduces water consumption and wastewater by 75% and helps eliminate the safety risk on your wash pad.

Hydroblasting Estimate