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All of our presentations and videos are collected here. Many of these can be found elsewhere on this website as well under various topic headings but this is the page to keep up to date on the latest information hosted on our YouTube Channel (which you can subscribe to our channel here: Clean As New - Powered by Tech Sonic - YouTube)




Our VALUE to You

The benefits and importance of the better cleaning provided by CLEAN AS NEW® are highlighted in this short, narrated presentation.





How It Works

This short narrated presentation discusses how our technology works and presents a simple model explaining the value to be gained with better cleaning compared to traditional hydroblasting.





"Engagement" - Proving the Value of Better Cleaning

At CLEAN AS NEW® we are serious about proving the value of our technology. Our goal, through a three-phase process, is to first, prove that our better cleaning delivers the value we promise, two, demonstrate our ability to meet your demands, and three, to provide you with a solution that replaces your washpad with a cleaner, faster, safer and greener alternative. During all of these phases we will save you money and improve performance.





An overview of CLEAN AS NEW® for BTL's and Site Management

This 16-minute presentation combines the above three presentations into one and gives a good overview of CLEAN AS NEW® and that value we can deliver.





Better cleaning using CLEAN AS NEW®'s approach can have an incredible impact on environmental performance.

This 1-minute video sums up how important this can be for the industry.





CLEAN AS NEW® featured on CNBC's Advancements TV, March 2021

Learn how CLEAN AS NEW®'s technology is helping the oil, gas and petrochemical industry meet their ESG commitments by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving water, and improving safety - all while reducing maintenance and operational costs, saving energy, and improving profits. #sustainability #ESG #oilandgas #refining #cleantech





CLEAN AS NEW® featured on Manufacturing Marvels®, Sept 2020

Originally broadcast on Fox Business News September 1, 2020, Manufacturing Marvels® features CLEAN AS NEW®’s revolutionary cleaning approach for heat exchangers and many other parts in the refinery and petrochemical industries.