How We Compare Heat Exchanger Performance


Ultrasonic Cleaning Trial 

Despite numerous testimonialscase studies and several refereed papers, people are
understandably skeptical when they first hear these results.

We want to earn your business and understand we need to earn your trust first. That’s why we believe that the best way to validate our technology is for your team to visit our facility in Baytown, see what we do firsthand and participate in a FREE Measured Cleaning Trial using one of your own heat exchangers.

Why Not Do An Apple to an Apple comparison and
let the data speak for itself?

 Wash Pad Hydroblasting Vs. CLEAN AS NEW® Cleaning Facility.

Phase 1 → Measured Cleaning Trial (Two-Step Validation)

Your Plant Clean As New® logo  Benefits
Select two bundles for measured trials Conduct validation cleanings at no cost to your company Two bundles cleaned for FREE
Provide performance data from previous and post-cleaning of selected bundles for analysis Conduct a performance comparison between CLEAN AS NEW® and the present cleaning method Validate that CLEAN AS NEW®'s cleaning performance is significantly better than hydroblasting alone
Provide all Wash Pad costs from a previous outage and a list of exchangers cleaned Provide a cost estimate for the same scope of work Validate that CLEAN AS NEW®'s cleaning process is significantly less expensive than hydroblasting alone

Our four pillars: Cleaner, Faster, Safer and Greener

Restoring Heat Transfer to Design Clean Duty Chart.

This model simulation shows how better cleaning of a heat exchanger can improve performance.

It goes into service new, at 100% performance, but fouling begins to collect, slowly during the induction period, but accelerating over time. Successive, incomplete cleaning by hydroblasting on the shell side, gradually reduces the ability to clean the bundle, even incompletely, resulting in re-start performance levels much lower than optimum. This level of "clean" then becomes the acceptable standard of cleaning for this bundle over several intervals.

CLEAN AS NEW® solves this problem. The introduction of Tech Sonic cleaning suddenly brings this same bundle back to 100% of its design performance. This, of course, results in higher possible heat duty, and in the overall integration of the plant, higher operational efficiency.

That benefit is represented by the bright green area between the traditional curve and the CLEAN AS NEW® results.

In this fouling model, because of the difference in the shapes of the two curves, a 20-25% improvement in return-to-service performance actually results in a 45-50% performance improvement over the next interval.

Restoring Heat Transfer Chart.

Ather impact of the introduction of Tech Sonic Cleaning is the potential to run longer between cleanings.

In this example, using the same performance trigger for cleaning, CLEAN AS NEW®’s approach would allow more than double the run time, saving between 34 and 38 percent in energy costs, but reducing the shutdown time and expense by more than 50%.