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How can better cleaning improve sustainability perfromance?

A CLEAN AS NEW® Facility provides results that are not only Cleaner and Faster, but Safer and Greener too!

Our technology completely eliminates the risk of injury associated with hydroblasting on your wash pad and also reduces or eliminates the risks associated with handling large parts like heat exchangers.

Our cleaning approach uses ›95% LESS water than traditional hydroblasting, saving 10’s of millions of gallons of clean water and the associated reduction in wastewater every year.

By cleaning heat exchangers to "like new" performance levels, your plant benefits from improved efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the energy required for production.

Finally, by cleaning terminally fouled equipment that would historically be disposed of, CLEAN AS NEW® can reduce the amount of equipment and material ending up as waste – good for the environment and reducing your capital expenditure.

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To help our refinery and petrochemical clients improve their ESG performance.