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CLEAN AS NEW® is recognized as providing the refining and petrochemical industries with ‘Green Tech’ solutions that help them operate more efficiently and reduce their environmental footprint while improving the bottom line. We are so confident in our technology and its capability to provide our customers' value to guarantee our performance.

Despite numerous testimonials, case studies, and several refereed papers, people are understandably skeptical when they first hear these results.

We want to earn your business and understand we need to earn your trust first. That’s why we believe that the best way to validate our technology is for your team to visit our facility in Baytown, see what we do firsthand, and participate in a Measured Cleaning Trial using one of your own heat exchangers.

This trial's primary goal is to get our clients to understand the magnitude of the value of CLEAN AS NEW®'s technology as it relates to restoring plant operation to its design capability. The added benefit is a reduction of environmental footprint.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Trial Opportunity!

The Measured Cleaning Trial is simply a comparison of the performance (heat transfer coefficient, flow rates, delta T and delta P) of a heat exchanger historically cleaned with hydroblasting alone to the same heat exchanger cleaned by CLEAN AS NEW® using Tech Sonic’s ultrasound technology and high-pressure rinsing. In other words, let the data speak for itself.

We offer a Measured Cleaning Trial of one of your heat exchangers at no cost to you, other than freight.

What We Are Asking Of You In Return Is:

  1. Within 10 business days of returning the heat exchanger to service, you share the measurement data that contrasts cleaning the heat exchanger with hydroblasting alone and cleaning with Tech Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaning and high-pressure rinsing. The data exchanged, including the results of the Measured Cleaning Trial, would be kept strictly confidential.
  2. Commit to a follow-up meeting with company stakeholders to review the performance improvements and discuss how CLEAN AS NEW® can help improve cleaning performance for all items currently cleaned by hydroblasting or other methods and increase your profits.

NOTE: The historical data listed below must be submitted prior to cleaning.

Heat Exchanger Efficiency Chart!

Download Free Cleaning Trial Criteria

Free Cleaning Trial Criteria

The intention of the measured trial is to demonstrate the economic value derived from better cleaning of the heat exchangers. To accomplish this, the following data is required:

  1. Heat transfer performance data. This could be in the form of heat transfer coefficients, and/or including the key values of ΔT, ΔP, flow rate and process fluid description, over at least one previous interval for which hydroblasting cleaning was used.
  2. The data must include key values from at least the initial and final performance values of the heat exchanger from the previous period.
  3. The data must include key values from the period immediately after start-up with the exchanger cleaned by CLEAN AS NEW®.