How We Compare Parts Cleaning


Why scrap it when you can clean it?

Did you know CLEAN AS NEW® can clean rotating equipment, piping components and parts by the basket?

Stop throwing these items away simply because you can’t clean them. Reduce capital costs, lower your environmental footprint, all while improving your bottom line.

An Apple-to-Apple comparison

Hydroblasting VS. Clean As New Powered By Tech Sonic®.

Hydroblasting Parts Cleaning CLEAN AS NEW®
X icon. Critical Rotating Equipment Checkmark icon.
X icon. Column Internals, Trays, Packing, etc. Checkmark icon.
X icon. Demister Pads Checkmark icon.
X icon. Filters Checkmark icon.
X icon. Piping Components Checkmark icon.
X icon. Fragile Components Checkmark icon.

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