Our Services By The Basket

"Did you know CLEAN AS NEW® cleans rotating equipment, piping components, and parts by the basket?"

Do you have parts like filters, valves, scaffolding, and spools piling up on your wash pad waiting to be cleaned?

Our “By The Basket” cleaning services might be just the thing to make your life easier, saving you time and money.

A lot of smaller parts are cleaned on the wash pad using manual or semi-automated hydroblasting. It’s dangerous, messy, noisy, and inconvenient. We can help, and…

We can clean almost anything!
Click here to compare parts cleaning with hydroblasting to  CLEAN AS NEW®.

CLEAN AS NEW®  will:

  • Checkmark! Work with you to determine the right size basket for your needs
  • Checkmark! Drop a basket on your wash pad and you can fill it with your parts
  • Checkmark! Pick up that basket when it’s full, or you need the cleaning done
  • Checkmark! Clean your parts in our ultrasonic baths
  • Checkmark! Return your basket of clean parts the next day!

Check out our “By The Basket” services video and give us a call today to arrange a “By The Basket” service for your wash pad.

Efficient Cleaning by the Basket: Experience the Power of CLEAN AS NEW®