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Yes! CLEAN AS NEW® is less expensive than Wash Pad Hydroblasting.

Why else would our clients publish that we are "Twice as FAST at Half the Cost"?

It's simple - they compared an Apple to an Apple!

CLEAN AS NEW®'s unique approach to cleaning means that you save on your overall wash pad cleaning costs. Compared to hydroblasting alone on a wash pad, our combination of ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing saves you both time and money when all factors are considered.

The Shell Moerdijk Chemical plant in the Netherlands began using Tech Sonic Cleaning on their wash pad in 2012 and have reviewed the impact, concluding that not only is the cleaning performance better, the risk reduced, and water consumption greatly reduced, but overall, the cost of cleaning was reduced by 50%.

Click here to read our ultrasonic cleaning case study.

We want to earn your business and understand we need to earn your trust first. That’s why we believe that the best way to validate our technology is for your team to visit our facility in Baytown, see what we do firsthand and participate in a Measured Cleaning Trial using one of your own heat exchangers.

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Wash Pad Hydroblasting VS. CLEAN AS NEW